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Born Out of Time series kicks off in Sydney

born out of time1 webCall it a gathering of the garage rock tribe or a gig for underground music’s disaffected, but the “Born Out of Time #1” bill of high energy bands is going to rock Sydney’s socks off.  
A mini-festival of awesome proportions at Marrickville Bowling Club in Sydney on Saturday, September 15, it’s the first of a series of national shows to showcase the best REAL Rock n Roll in the land. 
Presented by Off The Hip Records and I-94 Bar, “Born Out of Time #1” features a line-up of motor-headed Melbourne punks Grindhouse; kings of fat ‘n’ drunken stupidity The Crusaders; new voodoo crew The Beat Taboo; revived and resurgent Sydney punks Aberration;  and young Melbourne band The Devours. 
“The concept of Born Out Of Time is to take bands from the label, and others, to places where they might not otherwise play,” says Off The Hip Records honcho Mick Baty. 
“It’s a value for money, five-band bill that echoes the sort of nights that made the Sydney Trade Union Club famous in the 1980s.”
Grindhouse will be promoting their brand new third album, “Can I Drive Your Commodore?”, which has attracted stellar reviews. 
The Crusaders will be making one of their all-too-rare appearances and their first since supporting The Sonics in Sydney two years back. 
The Beat Taboo is a group of Melbourne veterans with a swamp-voodoo album "Dirry Stash" making noise in Australia and overseas. 

Win a Simon Chainsaw pack on us!

simon giveawayIt’s giveaway time at the I-94 Bar and we have five Simon Chainsaw packs to grace the CD players of some lucky Barflies.

Simon’s new album “Thirteen” has just been released and it’s characteristic high-energy rock ’n’ punk from the Sydney-via-Brazil frontman. So named because it’s his 13th studio album under his Simon Chainsaw moniker, it throws the odd stylistic curve ball just to keep things interesting but is mostly packed with raucuous pop-punk raunch.

Also in the Simon Chainsaw pack is the two-track CD promo for the other rock and roll project occupying Simon’s time. SC/TC is Simon and former AC/DC drummer Tony Currenti collaborating on a two-song single drawing from the inspiration of good ol’ fashioned Alberts label Oz Rock.

To win a pack, drop us a line This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and name the high-energy Australian band Simon fronted in the 1990s. Clue: (The initials were V.C.) Include your mailing address - and good luck! If the email link doesn't work, turn off your pop-up blocker or email your answer with name and addres to barman(at)i94bar(dot)com

For anyone who can’t wait until we draw the contest, you can order the new album by emailing SimonThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Plays The Devil’s Music – Lubricated Goat (Sorcerer)

plays the devils musicOnce upon a time, a review of the first album from Lubricated Goat could have used the line: “There’s something here to offend everyone” and left it at that. In these days of live-streamed jihadi beheadings, jaded millennials and older people with permanent confected outrage, however, you have to do better than that.

Most people will recall The Goat from their appearance on the Australian national broadcaster, nude and lip-synching a song called “In The Raw”. Yes, they flashed their wedding tackle. A media meltdown followed.

Of course the raison d’etre was to outrage. To go to a Lubricated Goat show in Sydney in the late ‘80s at Max’s Petersham Inn or The Evil Star you had to be severely disconnected from the rest of society, chasing the band’s offer of free beer for turning up naked or on smack.

The Garden - NQR (Kasumuen Records)

NQR tape coverThe website says that NQR is the "new band for Kristian Brenchley (from New York City’s WOMAN and Degreaser, the latter with fellow ex-pat Tim Evans), Denis Leadbeater (S-Bahn) and Maureen Gearon (Baby 8) with the indomitable Ruth McIver (C**ting Daughters) very much out front and centre on vocals."

It comes as a six-track cassette or CD. 

The title track opens and it's a kick in the guts, just over two-and-a-half minutes of bitter pop stuffed into a woodchipper.

And the singer gets out:

No more conversation
Time spent
No more 
No more chaperones

Friends rally for floored former Waldos and Knots guitarist Joey Pinter

walter and joey by des jardinsSole surviving Heartbreaker Walter Lure accompanied by Joey Pinter on guitar. Des Jardins photo.

Expatriate New York City guitar legend Joey Pinter (ex-Waldos, Knots) needs your help after suffering side effects after four bouts of debilitating back surgery.

Complications have left the Los Angeles-based axeman being fed by tube for the moment, and his wife Angie needs assistance with mounting medical bills.

In Angie's words: "Joey had a 4 level cervical fusion revision because he was losing strength in his hand and the ability to play. Something went wrong .He has a hematoma that is preventing him from swallowing anything no water or food.

“They were going to open him up again but decided it was too risky and instead are hoping the inflammation will go down he is highly medicated and has a feeding tube, heart monitor. It's very serious and sad."

Chico Purito! - Hey Honcho and The Aftermaths (Hound Gawd Records)

chico puritoIt’s fashionable to label Spain as rock and roll’s last remaining outpost, and if you live there or you’ve visited for more than 10 minutes you’ll know why.

The Spaniards didn’t throw off the yoke of Fascist cultural oppression until 1975, so they came late to rock and roll. Partying hard, however, is in their genes and they’ve been making up for lost time.

So say “Hi!” to Hey Honcho and The Aftermaths, a band from Oveido in the country’s north who their label says have a sound that’s typical of Spain’s garage punk scene.

The Aftermaths are ex-members of Los Ass-Draggers, Amon Ra and Electric Children – bands whose profile will be negligible outside of Spain (but don't let that stop you.) They had an EP out before singer Von Gustopher (aka Hey Honcho) joined.

Computer Girls b/w Renegade - Wolf 359 (Iceage Productions)

computer girlsI love Wolf 359. Excellent stuff. Determinedly analogue-y and old-school riffs and tendencies (if you describe that squelching-with-intent sound some synths make as a riff), it's like a musician visiting from 1978 and eyeing us all with amused disdain. 

And then, realising that this is their future too, snarling with all the repressed eloquence disgust can muster. Love the ’90s beat vibe, with the rippling, pounding synths... not quite yeah hup, but I'll stay here and throb instead.

It’s a digital single, available here.



"Bi-Coastal Blasphemy" – The Ringleaders (Hound Gawd Records)

bi coastalOnce upon a time, in the relatively genteel state of Virginia, there was a self-destructive punk rock band called The Candy Snatchers. Named after a trashy crime flick, they spilt beer and bled all over American stages before their guitarist prematurely shuffled off this mortal coil a decade ago, and they promptly fell apart.

L.A.-based The Ringleaders have Larry May of The Candy Snatchers on vocals and for that reason, among others, you need to pay attention.

The rest of the band – Hans Molnar (the Hellbenders) on guitar with Tim Bender (Death by Stereo) on drums and Mark Ho (Hollywood Hate) on bass – are similarly well-credentialed. Fully cranked, they sound like they’re heading to Hell in a Honda while out of their heads on glue.

Are Friends Electric?

electric guitars green landscape

Intrigued by their frequently-played, Paul (Rocket Science) Maybury-produced, new LP, "Sideways Changeling", and given that they're playing Adelaide this week (The Metro on Friday and the Crown and Anchor on Saturday), I thought it might be a good idea to ask Melbourne's psychedelic space rockers The Electric Guitrars a few questions.

After all, they're on a national your to launch this, their second album, and are, or have been, playing shows with luminaries like The Scientists and Tumbleweed.   

In typical high-energy "you can go your own way" style, they ignored every question put to them and, instead, wrote a track-by-track dissection of the record. Here's the result:

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