5. Ty Segall- Emotional Mugger
An almost Zappa-esque skewering of the soul-rotting digital world we now inhabit.

6. Deniz Tek- Mean Old Twister
Back to Ann Arbor for Iceman on a steely, soulful album of glowering riffs and jazz-inflected experimentation.

7. Chris Masuak & the Viveiro Wave Riders- Brujita
No significance to the numerical rankings here, Masuak hit the same heights as his former guitar sparring partner, on an irrepressible album of top drawer power-pop and garage rock&roll. His best yet.

8. Reaction- "Accelerator" 
Scottish garage-punks revelling in the chaotic surrealism of small town desperation. What's not to love?

9. Heavy Drapes- Should I Suck or Should I Blow?
The only EP on the list, four tracks of glorious Slade/Dolls/Pistols inspired rock anthems that shook up Scotland's punk scene in 2016. Their debut album, currently being recorded, should make waves.

10. Night Beats- Who Sold My Generation?
Scorching garage-psych classic from the Seattle trio.

Gus Ironisde lives in Scotland and writes for Louder Than War and Vive Le Rock magazines and the I-94 Bar.