6. Sabrina Lawrie's Wedding, August 13
We take the drive up to the top of Mt Nebo and experience one of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies ever. On the way back down the mountain Ursula informs me that there is nothing wrong with my car but rather it is the bellbirds. The bellbirds making that sound? Please.

7. Peter Hook and The Light , The Tivoli Theatre, Brisbane, October 8
We did not play at this , just went along. The Light played the whole night , first half New Order , second half Joy Division. At the end, The Entire audience sings along to “Love Will Tear Us Apart”.

8. The Aints and The Mesmerisers, Twin Towns, Tweed Heads, November 25
Our best show ever. In fact, I can't remember any of our shows being anything less than monumental this year.

9. Ron Peno and The Superstitions at The Bearded Lady, Brisbane, December 1
A lot different to the Died Pretty but every bit as good.

10. Ron Peno and Cam Butler , The Junk Bar, Brisbane, April 7
This was truly fantastic. Ron's singing just gets better as the years roll on and if anyone ever tells you that they don't like a Gibson Les Paul Custom, don't eat with them.

The 31st EP (LCMR Records)
These songs finally came out. This is a band i had with Ron Peno, Chris Welsh and Tony Robertson in 1979-80 and it really has exceeded evryone's expectations. It is only rivalled by the self-titled re-release from Brisbane synth pop starlets Ironing Music.