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ron sanchez 2018Paul McCartney - Egypt Station
Solid album with some stand out tracks. A good repeated listen

Chocolate Watchband + Young Fresh Fellows @ Tractor Tavern Seattle Dec 2
Scott McCaughey's first YFF gig since his stroke last year. Good enough reason to take the trip. Kaz insisted she needed to see Chocolate Watchband after hearing me talk about them for the last 37 years. 51 since I last saw the proper Watchband. A couple of later line ups were name only. YFF tore the roof off. CWB were more than a recreation. Original drummer Gary A still hit them hard. New album they were previewing is also surprisingly good. A good time was had.

Beatles - Beatles reissue, remix
The remix sounds like the best new band album of the year. It's familiar, yet very different feel too. Gilding the lily, but just fine. It's the Escher Demos and session tracks that are the revelations. Well worth the price of admission. Detailed note in the hard cover book explain the session material. There is a 5.1 mix which I have no way to listen to. The BluRay also has the remix and the original mono mix in high def. Mono still kills.

Guided By Voices - Space Gun + Ogre’s Trumpet
Always hard to keep up with a band that manages two albums a year. Space Gun shows the current band are gonna keep cranking out great material. The live album, Ogre's Trumpet is easily the best live GbV album, yet. Recorded in 2017.

Jeff Tweedy - Rialto Theater Bozeman, Sept
Bozeman is a regular stop on the Wilco - Tweedy tour schedule. This solo show at the Rialto was the most intimate performance yet. The Rialto is a restored theater in downtown Bozeman. The 450 venue was perfect for this gig. Tweedy was chatty, and very funny. Played a mix of Wilco and solo material. Felt more like a campfire sing along then a serious singer night.

Windbreakers - Jackson MS Aug
A benefit for local artist James Patterson got out a lot of Jackson Mississippi heavy hitters. Bobby's Windbreakers partner Tim Lee performed with four different band. Windbreakers hadn't played together for a very long time. The addition of a guitar player from Montana for the finale didn't diminish the joyous evening. Webb Wilder joined the headliners, Oral Sox for some spirited covers.

Pink Floyd - Piper At The Gates Of Dawn mono reissue

Record shopping around the USofA : Denver, Mississippi, New Orleans, Bozeman
Vinyl seems to be flowing freely. The big names sections are often thin except for modern reissues. It's the obscure things shaking out that me the effort interesting. Wax Trax and Twist And Shout in Denver delivered. A small shop in the country outside of Jackson was mostly a treat. Overflowing with stuff... not all of it essential. Lack of prices on the records was no fun. NOLA was the real surprise. Giving up a lot of gems, with a load of blues and R&B finds at the last stop. And right here at home there are surprised. A load of great 60s singles at the thrift. Our local has stepped up their game too.

Hellenes - I Love You All The Animals
Matt Piucci's side project with some of the current Rain Parade members.

Radio Birdman - Descent Into The Maelstrom
Den sez some non truths.. I found it to be engaging.

Beatles - Beatles (white album) Deluxe box
They were good, you think?

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  • Guest - Bill Erickson

    Ron are you still there? I used to hang out at Discount Records - learn about the best import stuff from you.
    You knew more about Man or Idle Race or Matching Mole (are you kidding me, Matching Mole?!!!) that most people
    knew about The Beatles. We both went to Bold Knight to worship at the feet of the mighty Choc Watchband. My biggest mistake? Well I avoided getting in a land war with China, which would be inconceivable........but my brother and I made a stereo recording of a complete show of The Otherside - They were doing a lot of the first Who lp, YBirds, Stones, Them, the usual suspects...........recording - stereo reel to reel.......sounded great.......Danny Faye befriended me, borrowed
    $120 when that was a shitload of money........"borrowed" the tapes. The end. send me an email and I will talk forever but would rather listen to you. Thank you for basically being my music mentor! - In Santa Cruz for about 35 years now still raining, still dreaming. Peace

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