Radio Birdman @ Manning Bar, Sydney
Still playing like their lives depend on it.

Descent into the Maelstrom DVD
Already a great doco, extras further explore how the members of the band's seminal line-up now really reflect on their heyday

See You Tonite @ Marrickville Bowling Club, Sydney
Top night for a top bloke of underground Oz rock, Stewart Cunningham

The Mezcaltones @ Marrickville Bowling Club, Sydney
Quality roots rock presented with an entertaining stage persona

I Tonya
How could a mum apparently be so cruel to a daughter for so long?

RIP Spencer P. Jones, Brian Hooper, Andy MacQueen, Conway Savage, Tony Joe White, Aretha Franklin

Simon Li drums for The Phringe Dwellers, plays guitar and sings in Valparaiso Street Lights and plays solo as a folkie.