2019 Barfly Top Tens: Bob Short

bob short in whiteTop Ten lists for 2019.  Barman promises free rein.  Let's test the limits.  Top 10 questions you should want answered.

1.  Was Donald Trump's 1980s application for a casino in Darling Harbour rejected because of his links to organised crime?

Answer:  Yes.  And very much on public record though no-one seems to remember.

2.  Why was God's honest man, Scott Morrison, sacked from his position as head honcho at Tourism Australia?

Answer: Despite his prominence in the NSW Liberal Party, Scomo got dropped quicker than a turd burger in Macdonalds.  Nobody is talking and sod all folk are asking.

3.  What the fuck is the deal with Anthony Albanese?

Answer: Maybe he got dusted in the snap.  Maybe Labor politicians need to embrace the left.

4.  If Elvis faked his death, would he have died for real by now.

Answer: Statistically, it is extremely likely.

5.  Why has everyone forgotten Trump was friends with Epstein.

Answer.  See question 1

6. Whose bright idea was it to build a multi billion dollar maze of tunnels under Sydney's Inner West with entrances barely above sea level.

Answer.  I have no answer.  Brain the size of a planet...

7. Is Britain committing societal suicide?

Answer: Short Answer yes.  Long answer: Replace Britain with the word England.

8. Why isn't Rupert Murdoch dead?

Answer.  Surely Jerry Hall was hoping for a quick kill.

9.  Why do grown men react so badly to a young woman who merely wants to try to save the world?

Answer.  Emasculated by impotency.

10.  Why is there no great rock and roll?

Answer: Shut your pie hole and go see Shonen Knife 

Bob Short plays guitar with The Light Brigade, UK goths Blood and Roses, Dead Rabids and was a member of Sydney's first punk band, Filth. He writes for the I-94 Bar when he feels like it.

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