Organ is to the front astride twin guitars. It's in the vein of "Nuggets" (and there's nothing wrong with that) with two feet planted squarely in the garage. Jerome Cormier handles lead guitar and vocals and acquits himself well with a pub rock swagger to his voice. Nathaniel Laurent on rhythm guitar keeps it simple with some fuzz or tremolo trimmings.

"King Of The Road" lays down the Farfisa nice and thick to dominate the song. "Monkey" puts that tremolo on display and has a dramatic air to it. "Itchy (I'm Feelin' So)" is vamping organ fun, a bit of a throwaway but a keeper. "Go On Your Own Way" breaks from the pack, mixing a dash of the Flamin' Groovies' open chordage with stabbing organ and bluesy harmonica.

It's a modest thing, recording a four-song EP on vinyl when you could be doing an album. My re collection is Beg Borrow Steal weren't overloaded with cover tunes in their set list. In a way it's a throwback to the days when real garage bands showcased the best they had on 45s with one song a side. Judged against that benchmark, this is a good effort.

The production is sympathetic, if a touch thin in places. Grab it on vinyl or as a download from their Bandcamp.