The title track kick things off with some ball- to-the-wall rock and roll wailing. “Destination Insane” and “Ain’t It A Bitch” have some awesome riffs .”Beautiful Sunday” has a Cheap Trick kinda vibe with a screaming vocal . 

“Hello Hangover” is the tune that grabs this listener - what an awesome track. Check out the film-clip. It’s bloody good. 


“California Scheming” and “Napalm Bombs” are head- banging, foot-stomping masterclasses in how rock ‘n’ roll should be played. A cover “Dirty Love” (Frank Zappa) keeps up the foot stomping. I love the drumming on this tune - it jumps out of the speakers. Turn it up loud

“Social Disease”: What a tune this is. Down and dirty sounding and what a riff. It’s pure pub rock with a topuc h of punk. Man, I love this tune. 

Van Halen’s “A Simple Rhyme” ends this most wonderful album and it’s a perfect way to do so. So, Barflies, if you like your music loud, dirty and full of great riffs  ,fabulous lead breaks and sensational song-writing, vocals to match and, oh, a rhythm section to die for,  this just has to be in your collection . 

Well folks, good to catch up with all off you again. I’m off to work on a “Hello Hangover” of my own at The Farmhouse. Take care and drink responsibly, if possible (wink wink).


Six beers and a shot please Barman

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