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lockdown hoiidayLockdown Holiday – TV Smith (Easy Action)

Write about the things you know, the critics say. And when songwriters do, they run the risk of being taken down in a hail of journalistic bullets for crimes like inauthenticity, awkwardness or bandwagon jumping.

There’s no risk of TV Smith suffering that fate with his latest album, “Lockdown Holiday”, a stark and compelling take on his own experience with the dreaded COVID clusterfuck.

The ex-Adverts punk is still standing after 50 lives dates were cancelled - a fate shared by many in these fucked-up times. - but his own experience was enlivened, somewhat, by him and his partner being mowed down by The Plague.  following close contact with an infected roadhouse patron in the early stages of the pandemic.

“Lockdown Holiday” was recorded live in TV’s home studio. Eleven incisive commentaries written amid the UK’s bungled response to this serious public health issue. A man and his guitar and a headful of consternation.

With song titles like “Fake News”, “Going Nowhere Fast” and “Send In The Clowns” you’re never in any doubt as to what the album’s about. Smith’s directness  and the strength of his songs make “Lockdown Holiday” a powerful record that’s bereft of self-pity. BoJo should be cringing.

"Let’s Go Back To The Good Old Days" is drippng in irony. "Artificial Flowers" shapes up against conceited selfie culture. For a punk nearing superannuation age, TV Smith still has a fire in his belly and most of the album barrels forward at pace.

Just as you’re feeling at home with this collection of 11 songs, along comes “I Surf The Second Wave” which is delivered from the perspective of The Virus. It’s clever and stops short of being over-wrought. Who says there's never anything on TV?


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