Hailing from an unpronounceable (for these lips) village called Klazienaveen (which the band insists rivals Tasmania for the incidence of incest), these Cousins have shared stages with King Khan and BBQ, Digger & The Pussycats and Reverend Beat-Man. These are all matches made in Heaven. Apparently, The Cousins go down a storm in Spain.

You can probably guess how they sound without hearing them. Hectic Henri warbles and howls like Hasil Adkins and plays twangy chords. Ravin’ Jerk keeps it anchored with tight shuffles and simple feels. Occasional guest sax heightens the retro stylings.

“Allnighter” sounds like a demented Buddy Holly. “Never Ever” is hyperactive hayseed music for hicks. “Tough Lover” sounds like Eddie Cochran having a heart attack. “Ohh Ie Ah Oeh” is the biggest nod to Lux that you’ll hear this week or next. No two of the 13 songs sound the same - and that’s no mean feat when you’re mostly just two people playing music in this style.

There are no deep lyrical insights to be had and power chords are two words that the Cousins can’t spell. More power to them on both counts. Real earthquakes have never been this much fun. Let's go Dutch!


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