“A Promise”, well, I love the music, the clever structure, but Isaia’s vox are mixed too far down. When “Three Times Lost’”starts up with the same thing, I wonder… It’s a hell of a decision for a singer to make, singers are usually somewhat more forthright about their vox…

So it’s a strange, lo-fi approach, but it forces you to pay attention. Like having the radio on in the background, you’re trying to dance and also listen to the lyrics at the same time. I love the brittle, forceful approach Movie Star Junkies have to their guitars, their roots shine through, a sort of roadhouse jukebox surrounded by the deadbeats of five towns … all raising hell.

You get the picture: small town opera described by Kurt Weill, Arto Lindsay and assorted delta bluesmen gone wrong. Well, the lp is called ‘Evil Moods’, and that’s a damn appropriate title. In a way, it’s kinda like a less literary, more r’n’r Nick Cave lp like ‘Murder Ballads’ (but much shorter) … and, instead of Nick, some unknown frustrated boy desperate for release.

“Three Things Lost” and “Please Come Home” seem straight out of a HBO tv series; think Twin Peaks crossed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer … it’s often anguish straight outta the box, blood for pennies, lives taken on nothing but a whim.

Rising is bewitching, more ’60s in style I guess, “leaving all these bones to see/ rising/ leaving all these words to be the one’”… you can imagine Link Wray having written this one, or maybe it’s a Zombies out-take… impressive to say the least. Hell, I even enjoy the way they use the vibes, and you know, that’s not a favourite instrument.

“Jim Thompson” - named for the rather savage hard-boiled writer (who you might want to read; if you like that sort of thing…) - is not actually as good as I’d hoped, unfortunately. Just seems a bit too simple.

‘A Lap Full of Hate’ is much better, coarse and beautiful, rather like the subject matter, which is fucked-up catholic. What do you expect, they’re Italian. Yeah, you can dance to this one, but you’ll get hurt.

“In the Evening Sun” you can imagine being played at a wedding - not. “Please please/ I’m drowning alone/ I’m dying in the evening sun/ crawl crawl”. A stately pace though, shot through with muscular engine noises.

“All Sorts of Misery’”… ‘“or now all is lost/ That’s the end of the King…” Like a train passing through a dying once-industrial town. Elizabeth (uh, South Australia. Where Barnsey came from), for example.

“Red Harvest” swings and curses, the hunter in the medieval fairy tale stomping through the forest in a rage.

“Move Like Two Ghosts’” (Dylan Thomas). You’d be dubious about this. If you hadn’t heard it. Fits right in, the lyrics are a natural fit with the spiky, irritable guitar … which then reaches out like we’re the only hand to grasp in an empty ocean.

Overall, “Evil Moods” is a fine record, and I for one want to see the band live. They’re at worst an intriguing, evil-influence temptation, and at best …

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