Truth be known, this record was recorded in a French rehearsal room so it’s not remotely slick-sounding. You have to admire the intense focus on a sweetly distorted track like the instrumental “Bongo Fuzz” or the strutting “I Can’t Stop” (which sounds like the early Kinks shaking hands with Billy Childish with a demented asylum patient standing in on vocals.)

Devotees of the fuzz pedal sounds know ihere’s a fine line between warped genius and covering up a multitude of musical sins. None of Beat-Man’s wild solo-ing will please a classical guitar afficinado but it sure will make the rest of us sausage-fingered bozos happy.

“Not Enough” starts with a Spaghetti Western whistle before hurtling headfirst downhill in a whirlwind of fuzz and sexual longing. “Voodoo Rhythm” is some sort of tribute to the band-leader’s record label (hey, the other Monsters clearly know what side their bread is buttered on and Beat-Man’s no shrinking violet) and ends up setting a new land speed record.

“Happy People Make Me Sick” is more in the classic ’60s punk mould but with extra attitude and snarl (“Get out of my way, get out of my way, get out of my fucking way”.) If “Let Me Spend The Night With Your Wife” doesn’t make you laugh out loud then you probably do have an issue with the milkman in real life.

“M” is on LP or CD and is done and dusted in 29 minutes. Brief and one of The Monsters’ best. Ignore the high cost of postage from Switzerland and take the plunge, or ask an enlightened shop like Off The Hip in Melbourne for a copy if you’re in Australia.


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