You might think of REM when you first hear this EP, ‘though I am here to advise this impression won’t last long. It couldn’t possibly; Arun Kendall (formerly of The Last Metro) is clearly a unique talent and this record is sexy as all get-out (REM didn’t get sexy until … hang on, were they ever sexy?)

Each of Adrun’s songs takes you firmly for a crushing, lovely boat trip down a brooding romance-laden river; for those of you who want a tad more emphasis, the last song, “Cherry Blossom Girl”, uses careful, powerful feedback to open our heart to a song The Easybeats apparently recorded then forgot about.

Repeated listens and these songs improve. Adrun’s vocal are assured, tough and laid-back.

Rating? I’d say five bottles. I want to see this band live; if you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to see them, don’t pass it up.


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