“This Is My Denim” sets the tone with a Hankesque spoken word intro and lyrics about individualism in dress codes, or the lack thereof. “I Need Nurse” reeks of man flu and an appeal for sympathy with a carnal motive while “Sorry, Thank You, Fuck You” sends a clear message, with a nod to Stiv, Joey and Iggy along the way. It’s all about the guitars but there’s some keyboard colouring on a few songs that does no harm at all.

Lilting melodies aren’t their strong suit but The Sick Livers know the value of a singalong all too well. “Perfect Fucking Nothing” sure hits that mark while “Dark Dangerous & Delicious” shows they know how to use dynamics.These guys must be a riot, live.

“Smell of Elvis” is a clever de-composition and as infectious as anything you’ll catch from the late King’s Graceland toilet seat. Subtlety falls away quicker than a nymphomaniac’s underwear on “You Make Me Wet” but if you expected anything different you came to the wrong place. It also features a rare guitar solo. That’s not to say The Sick Livers songs all sound the same. They just love economy.


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