Yeah, so what, there’s a bit of Berry in there. And it’s occasionally blatant. So what? No-one does this like the Rev, and as far as I’m concerned, he’s The Ramones of the 21st Century.

What’s that? I can’t compare a band to the hallowed Ramones?

I damn well can and … if you don’t believe me, go see the man live.

Last time I caught him he had all the energy and self-belief, all the attention to detail which made up a Ramones gig. He’s an entertainer, the Rev, and he writes songs which fit effortlessly into a style all his own (no mean feat given his chosen niche) and … hell. This is why the charts are shit, why the majority of radio stinks, why lame-ass talent shows have less relevance to the majority of people than the Gong Show.

“Rev” is a great, great album. It’s great driving music, it’s great dancing music, and you can bellow along with the lyrics in no time. Fire up the BBQ, haul in the neighbours and your mates and turn up “Rev”, and the Reverend Horton Heat.

Disclosure: I usually get given CDs to review. Those I don’t review, I shouldn’t review, so I don’t.

This was thrust upon me, and because my friend wants it back pronto, I’m gonna have to buy it.

Damned addictive.

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