It’s a filthy strain of rock and roll for which these Buttons aim. The stuttering “Chicken Walk” is the most melodic tune of the eight here. Their “Dirt” isn’t the Stooges song but a gritty contender in its own right, with acrid guitar from vocalist Jiah Fishenden its stand-out feature.

“Broke Leg Charlie” is a nagging rocker that again provides a platform for another serrated-edge Fishenden solo, while “Hassle” and “Run Man Run” are groovier throbbers with a primal edge. There’s also a “bonus track” called “House Partry” that sounds like The Dirtbombs’ house music record played backwards. What did the man say about staying away from the brown acid?

The Secret Buttons aren’t going to change the direction of modern music but they might just shake the shit of a sleepy pub, playing middle-of-the-bill on a Saturday night. Chase this release down via their Facebook page.