The Out Of This World Sounds Of - Hipbone Slim And The Kneetremblers (Beast Records)

out-of-this-world-soundsHipbone Slim (aka Sir Bald Diddley) is a musical slut, fathering nine records by four different labels in three countries in 10 years at last count. The parentage of each of his offspring js easy to pick - by rockabilly out of garage rock with dashes of ’50 instrumental and skiffle thrown in - and “The Out Of This World Sounds Of” throws up no surprises.

Which isn’t to say fans of the above won’t take to it like shit to a newborn baby’s blanket. Sir Bald wraps himself with empathetic players (Bash Brand on drums and upright bassists Gez Gerrard and Matt Radford, in this case) and churns out the hits.

The artwork schtick is ’50s sci-fi but this is music forged in an analogue warehouse. The whole shebang was recorded at London’s Gizzard Studio by Ed Deegan (presumably because Joe Meek wasn’t available) and sounds retro-tastic. Special effects are minimal. In fact you’d assume if the band wanted to indulge in any they’d make sure you could see the attached strings - just like the rocketship in “Plan Nine From Outer Space”. Sir Bald’s reverb vocals and crunchy guitar sparks off Bo Diddley beats and chugging bass, just like it should.

Fourteen songs litter “Out Of This World Sounds” and they range from the tom-tom stomp of “Wig-Wam Rock” to the horns-riffing hipshake of “Show Me” and “All A-Quiver.” Sir Bald’s heart is aching on “Shadow of Myself” and he’s off the rails on “Trainwreck Love” and he’s howling at the moon on “The Wolf Is At Your Door.” There’s no suggestion on that last one that he comes from Wall Street.

In short, this is as expected and nowhere near as off-the-wall as the 2010 collaboration with cajun outfit Mama Rosin. You might struggle to distinguish it from some of the earlier albums but if you're a fan you won't give a shit.


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