All that chopping and changing actually keeps things moving along with an ease that will have you rocking. The one problem that I’ve found is that “Thrills & Chills” was recorded and/or mastered at low volume so it does not play loud enough. That said, this a great album. “What The Hell” and “I’m So Bad” kick-start things with swaggering rock ’n’ roll that’s dripping with big riffs and pounding rhythms. These two song are fucking great.

“Crazy Little Fool” and “Like An Angel” are cool powerpop tunes with guest backing vocals from the smoking hot Kim Shattuck of The Muffs (and The Pixies very briefly.) These tracks are very reminiscent of the awesome Flaming’ Groovies in their Sire years. Very groovy indeed.

“By The Balls” and “Hey Big Boy” are a return to riff-driven rock ’n’ roll. Up next is without doubt my favourite track, “Love Anymore”. This is pure doo wop pop/rock. Kurt Baker’s vocals are relaxed and just perfect for this wonderful track. FM radio should be playing this all summer, every year.

“Midnight Creep” and “Business To The End” smash things up at the end of the album. I am sure they be the closing numbers of their live set as these tunes bring the record to a close perfectly by rocking until the last guitar riff.

OK folks, in summing up “Thrills and Chills” there is no reinventing the wheel. These guys just play good time rock, pop and garage rock ’n’ roll that’s perfect for downing a few cold ones while shaking whatever you choose to shake.

Give The New Trocaderos a listen at Bandcamp folks. You won’t be disappointed.

Take care. All the best from The Farm from "Brownie".