Tramp Stamp - Kevin K (Real Kat Records)

tramp-stampAnother day, another Kevin K album. Which is not to infer that there's anything throwaway or lazy about "Tramp Stamp". It's simply acknowledging that Kevin K is both amazingly prolific AND good, which is no mean feat.

"Tramp Stamp" is one of the best sounding albums Kevin K has put his name to. The guitars are right up front with a killer tone. Mr K reels off some startlingly great solos ("City Kill") and the songs are all goodies. They're dripping in those trademark K melodies with more hooks than a three-storey bait and tackle shop but never compromise on power.

The familiar themes are also intact: Girls, hard living and the decline and the fall of New York City to yuppie hordes ("City Kill"). The Ramones get an obligatory reference (the killer pop-punk "Just The Girl") and there's even a song about (legal) drugs, the 12-bar lament "Sudafed Blues", wherein Kevin rails against the removal of pseudoephedrine from cold and flu tablets. A man's gotta write about something, right?

Kevin co-produced "Tramp Stamp" and it sounds uncluttered and complete.

"Dreaming Again" is a short half head behind "Just The Girl" as the best tune on the record. Like all the best songs, it's a simple enough exercise with chugging guitar and the faint glimmer of keyboard colouring. No need to fuck with this formula. "Wild For You" is a foot-flat-to-the-floor, unabashed driving song. Strap yourself in and for for a burn.

"Only Lovers Left Alive" takes a demo by Kevin's late brother Alan and fully fleshes it out. It's both respectful and rocking, a fine song delivered with conviction.

Just like "Tramp Stamp".


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