Kit was formerly of The Kits, an expat Australian band that spent most of its life based in the UK. In his Kit Convict guise, he pares back his band’s sound to leave the barest of bones in place. Seventeen songs in under half an hour is the result.

Mr Everywhere, Mikey Young, mastered this so that’s a pointer to the minimalist ethos Thee Terrible Two bring to the game. Simple riffs and simpler vocal lines, spat out, rule the roost. Kit manages to put his music across with humour and razor-edged guitar to the fore.

What can you expect? “Sacrifice Your Spirit To The Dead” plucks some Kid Congo guitar out of the air and marries it to a swamp rhythm in its outdo. It cooks.“Wild About Me” is infectious as a heavy cold in a Melbourne winter. “DUI” bounces around like a homeward-bound Minor Minor driver talking the tight back streets to avoid the cops. “Coyote” is unbridled garage pop-punk built on a circular riff.

Bouncy, raw and never overly lyrically demanding, “Watch Your Skull” holds up to repeated plays.


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