2. Album Launch - July 21
Our film clip is up on Youtube , it is Friday night , the night before our launch and the physical copies of the album are yet to arrive . The launch is Saturday afternoon  After brushing up on some of the material in the music room, We open the front door to find the albums delivered at 8:30 pm. It turned out to be a magical afternoon at Platform 5 the next day.

3. The Princess Theatre - August 19
This place should win some kind of award for the Green Room and The Staff . A huge thrill for The Mesmerisers to play with The Sunnyboys again

4. The Daily Double - August 20
After a great show at Sonic Sherpa The Dynamic Duo drive to  Byron Bay where The Mesmerisers again play with The Sunnyboys . Having Jeremy Oxley sing “Date with a Vampyre” to us in the dressing room before The Sunnys went on is something we will never forget .

5. The Barman’s Birthday Party - August 27
Lovely trip to Sydney for us without the pressure of having to perform shows. Great to see friends we have not seen for a few years. Finally we all got to celebrate with Craig!

6 On Tour - November
A big highlight was The Mayfield Bowling Club in Newcastle on Friday November 4 .A venue and evening that had an old school/yesteryear feel about it . Both shows in Sydney were great fun as well. I think the trip did us good . Barman is a good cook and tour manager.

7 Boxcar Remixes release - November 12
Massive thanks to Dave Smith, head honcho at Boxcar Inc. for his work on our song “Love is Calling”. It was a different direction for Mick but for years he had always fancied making a record with Rock Guitars and Dance Beats, This recording realised that dream. We are so thrilled with this release. For Ursula it was a special five months as she and Dave messaged and renewed their friendship from the 80's Brisbane Electronic Music Scene.

8 The Junk Bar November 20
First show at The Junk Bar since the venue has been sold to new people and we are pleased to be able to report that it is still a premier place to play or see a show.

9 Dave Graney and Clare Moore Interview - July 5
Thanks to Dave for inviting us on his Banana Lounge Broadcasting on 3RRR. It was very funny, especially Dave trying to get Mick to spill some dirt on his former bandmates . Community radio stations around Australia have been very supportive of us and we thank them all. Check out Dave and Clare's new album “In a Mistly”. He's still got that old swagger and it's great to hear Clare Moore on drums again.

10 Last Show for the year - December 3
Great last stop at Bad Habit Records and The Village Pickle at Nambour on The Sunshine Coast. Very cool to have our great mate Defo Mofo (Dave Logan) on the bill with us and seeing Ursula's three-year-old grandson enjoying the songs more than the chips and milkshake . But why does Grandma look different ?

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2023 to you all!