• Pig City author ANDREW STAFFORD speaks to former Screaming Tribesman and I-94 Bar Records signing MICK MEDEW about all the old, all the new, and "All Your Love". Cartoon by Rick Chesshire.

    The big three are money, drugs and women – the three things that invariably fuck male bands up. For the Screaming Tribesmen, it was women, or a woman, though the whole thing was probably the bass player’s fault, really. It’s the best story of its type I’ve ever heard.

  • ron peno recoveringMusic industrty charity Support Act has launched an appeal to support Died Pretty frontman Ron Peno through his new battle against cancer.

    Peno was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in 2019 and after multiple treatments, major surgery and rehabilitation,  the cancer has moved to his brain.

    Ron’s partner, Charity, is his primary caregiver. With rises in the cost of living and inflation everywhere, it’s become a struggle to provide around-the-clock care, maintain a steady income and keep on top of living costs.

    Support Act's Help A Mate appeal is targeted to cover rent bills, essential utilities, groceries, transport, in-home support services, and much-needed medication. Peno’s cancer has affected his ability to work and stay on top of the cost of living. 

    Donations of more than $2 are tax deductibile and can be made here.

  • lost-coverAmid all the recent deification of a soul-less, vapid, posturing band like INXS and its execrable white bread music, the greatness of acts of a similar vintage goes sadly under-acknowledged. This re-tooled version of Died Pretty’s second album won’t bring them sainthood or riches in their dotage, but might remind you of what could, and should, have been.