Crying Into The Beer of a Drunk Man - New Bomb Turks (Destroy Oh Boy!! - Information Highway Revisited)
Give Me The Drugs - Sick Livers (Motors, Women, Booze, Drugs. Booze & Killing - self released)
Her Name Was Jane - The DoGs (Hypersensitive - Detroit Records)
Shadow Self - Hard-Ons (Peel Me Like A Egg - Citadel Records)
Take Me Away - Joeys Coop (single - Citadel Records)
Flatiron - feedtime (single - Sub Pop)
Northern Lights - 3 Headed Dog (Howling At The Sun - Closer Records)
Farther - The Nice Folk (Touched - self released)
88 =Scott Morgan Band (Revolutionary Action - Easy Action Records)
Nothing From Nothing - The Fools (In Heat - self released)
Do You Dig Destruction? - Turbonegro (Retox - Scandinavian Leather Recordings)
King Of The Scum - Bitter Sweet Kicks (Linea Du Fuego - Beast Records)
Bruita - Chris Masuak and The Viveiro Wave Riders Association (unreleased)
Tomboy - Scorpion vs Tarantula (Claim To Fame - self released)
The Interpreter - Vidunder (single B siide - Crusher Records)
I Can’t Control Myself - Antiseen (Groin Thunder: Trogg-Punk Noise From All Over The Place - Dog Meat Records)