After more than a year in seclusion, The Barman is back with a brand new episode of Drunk and Disorderly, the signature podcast for the I-94 Bar e-zine. Wrap your ears around this sumptuous feast of Real Rock Action. Track listing after the fold.

Hangman's Walk - The Nomads (Solna - Devil's Jukebox)

Living With You Is Killing Me - HITS (Living With You Is Killing Me - Mere Noise)

In The Age of Stupidity - Los Chicos (In The Age of Stupidity - Dirty Water Records)

Gimme The Future - Leadfinger (No Room At The Inn - Citadel Records)

Baby It's You - Little Murders (7" single - Off The Hip)

Animal - Chris Klondike Masuak and Los Eternos (7" single B side to Another Lost Weekend - H Records)

Rock and Roll Terrorist - Psychotic Turnbuckles (Destroy Dull City - Citadel Records)

I Don't Mind - The Dragons (Three Cheers For Me - Junk Records)

Twilight Of The Modern Age - Deniz Tek (Detroit - Citadel Records)

In And Out Of My Life (In A Day) - The Pandoras (7" single - Rhino Records)

W.A.S.T.E.D - The Horrortones (7" triple box - Mere Noise)

Master of 2 Servants - Ed Kuepper and Mark Dawson (Second Winter - Prince Melon Records)

Dangerous - Hydromatics (Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust Scott Morgan box set - Easy Action)

Barkhammer - The Mark Of Cain (Songs Of The Third And Fifth - Feelpresents)

Wasn't Born Yesterday - Powder Monkeys (Time Wounds All Heels - Au Go Go)

Economy First - The Living Eyes (The Living Eyes - Z-Man Records)

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