Monday Evening Gunk Episode 6: Julie Mostyn Gilbert & Warwick Gilbert

MONDAY EVENING GUNK - Episode 6 - IT'S JUST THAT I MISS YOU featuring Julie Mostyn Gilbert & Warwick Gilbert from ZENN on Vimeo.

Catch Monday Evening Gunk on the MoshPit Faccebook at 7.30pm every Monday or catch up here every Tuesday. Next up on Gunk: Chris Masuak of Radio Birdman, the Scraming Tribesmen, the Hitmen and the New Christs who will be interviewed by Bob Short (Filth) and Tiffany Palmer (Sydney Rock and Roll Markets) and play a set with his band, The Viveiro Wave Riders. 

Tags: radio birdman, chris masuak, flaming hands, julie mostyn, warwick gilbert , moshpit, monday evening gunk, jules rb normington

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  • Guest - dwf

    Fab conversation. Missed the Funhouse but late 70s...
    Many an hour at Phantom - thanks Jules - inc picking up Passengers and Flaming Hands singles. Definitely ATFs
    Huge fan of the Hitmen and Warrick.

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