Brokegrove Lads issue Mick Farren tribute song

brokegroveladsSometime I-94 Bar scribe Ken Shimamoto has birthed a new band online. Brokegrove Lads is a psychedelic improv rock group with musicians from Fort Worth and Albuquerque and their first release is a single, composed in tribute to late Deviants vocalist, writer and Pink Fairies alumnus Mick Farren.

Brokegrove Lads are Matt “The Weapon” Hickey (Hentai Improvising Orchestra, Joe and the Sonic Dirt fromMadagascar, The Fellow Americans) on star guitar and vocal, Robert Kramer (Tabula Rasa, Gumshoe, Purple Overdose, ESP) on bass, Ken Shimamoto (Stoogeaphilia, Hentai Improvising Orchestra, PFFFFT!) on cloud guitar and Terry Valderas (The Gideons, Parasite Lost, ESP, Toadies) on drums and keyboards.

We reckon they have a bit of Suicide about them (the band, not the act) but you can judge for yourself when you cop a listen of "For Mick Farren" via Bandcamp below. It was recorded in Fort Worth, Texas (where the West begins) in December 2013 and has just made it to release this week. A host of other (non-Mick Farren) compositions are waiitng in the wings, pending mastering.

Follow Brokegrove Lads on Facebook here.

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