Pink Fairies resume live gigging in the UK

pink-70sLegendary UK psych rockers the Pink Fairies are scheduled to play the Hop Farm Festival in Kent, England, in July.

They’re billed to share a stage on July 5 (day two of the festival) with Peter Hook and Maximo Park, among others. Headlining the main stage that night is the execrable James Blunt (!)

The line-up is Russell Hunter, Duncan Sanderson, Andy Colquhoun, Jacki Windmill and second drummer George Butler.

The Pinks initially announced only two dates - in Bilston on May 15 and at the 100 Club in London two days later - and reports form those shows were very positive.

Further gigs are now planned for October including Hawktoberfest, a multi-band line-up in Manchester with old sparring partners Hawkwind.


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  • Guest - Ben Jones

    I was at the 100 club to see the Pink Fairies and considering whenever I get really excited about something it usually turns out to be disappointing, I didn't know what to expect. It was outstanding, full of energy, great set
    List. It was how rock n roll should be, loud n live upfront and personal.
    If you get the chance to see them do it!

    from Bridgend, UK
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