Radio Birdman - still hated by the elites after all these years

descent posterJonathan Sequeira’s raw and stunning documentary, "Descent Into The Maelstrom - The Radio Birdman Story", has been snubbed by Australia's national public broadcaster the ABC.

Released as a short-run feature in Australian cinemas and shown at film festivals and limited screenings in the USA, Japan, the UK and Europe, “Descent” will be released via DVD and streaming in September this year to coincide with a Radio Birdman tour of Australia and Europe.

The taxpayer-funded ABC was offered a deep discount to screen it on Australian free-to-air TV but has declined, after months of dithering and silence.

In an online statement published overnight, filmmaker Jonathan Sequeira said:

Regardless of my involvement, it is a tragedy that the ABC will not be broadcasting the largely unknown story of the most important band in Australia’s music history. I consider that to be letting down the Australian public, and a failure of the ABC to follow its charter.

Radio Birdman has also issued an online statement overnight:

Considering the highly relevant content of the film, from the perspective of Australian music history, ABC was the obvious choice of channel…The band is disappointed but not really surprised. We have been familiar with this sort of attitude from the establishment since the 1970's.

Curiously, ABC has screened documetaries about the Saints and the Go Betweens, as well as series of programs based on its own "Countdown" franchise. 

You can make your opinion known by contacting ABC-1 Channel Manager Natalie Edgar via

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  • Guest - BRIAN LAST

    "most important band in Australia's history?? Really?? come on Like "Radio Birdbrain " but I think the author is exaggerating a tad !!.

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  • Guest - John

    If Nick Cave had been with Radio Birdman,it'd be a different story

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  • Guest - Paul Dunn

    ABC...this IS Australian history, in fact world history. Lift your game and let's hope the offer of a discount is still on the table - even though no you do not deserve the film at a discounted price.

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  • Guest - Debra Selby

    Honestly can't believe that the ABC are not supporting such an iconic Australian band ...shaking my head with disappointment. Really?

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  • Guest - Leanne Ross

    Would love to see the ABC get behind the Radio Birdman doco. Pioneers of Aussie rock should have their story shown for all to see.

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  • Guest - Steve Robinson

    Offer it to Optus to stream and we can see it on SBS!

    Fuck the ABC

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  • Guest - Steve Ralphs

    Radio Birdman are and were one of the most pivotal acts in Australian music. Their contribution to the entire World can not be denied. Does the ABC not have enough gumption to realise this? Or are darker forces at work here?........... Hand of law is coming down...... Shame on you ABC

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  • Guest - Michael MacDonald

    This is a social crime, wake up ABC! Radio Birdman deserve this. Why have you let them be on rage and not let their documentary be televised?

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  • Guest - Robert

    Just do it. Even Janet Albrechtsen would agree

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  • Guest - Tom Ormonde

    Please show this documentary

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