World Premiere: Turn on Datura4's "Black Speakers"

“Black Speakers”, the new single for Perth’s retro rocking and extremely potent Datura4, the current vehicle for The Stems leader Dom Mariani, is making its world debut here, and the new album is not far away.

“Black Speakers” was preceded by the dark and heavy blues-based thumper "Secret Society" and "Going Back To Hoonsville" (the non-LP version of which features Perth blues Legend Dave Hole on slide guitar) and "Open The Line".

"Open The Line" was chosen as "The Coolest Song in the World" by Stevie Van Zandt aka Little Steven on his influential and much-loved rock'n'roll radio channel on SiriusXM, “The Underground Garage”.  Dom, who is a long-time favourite of Stevie's, was also interviewed on the channel on their weekly "Coolest Conversations" spot.  

The "Neanderthal Jam" album is the band's fifth long-player and will be out on US label Alive/ Records on August 26. It will be distributed in Australia by MGM. You can pre-order splatter vinyl from the US here.

While Dom’s other bands have focussed on music with a ‘60s influence, Datura4 has moved into the ‘70s. Indeed, Dom has regressed back to his early influences like Led Zeppelin, Ten Years After, Groundhogs and Australian bands like Carson, Masters Apprentices, Chain, Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs and Perth locals Bakery.

He’s even added an authentic ‘70s Aussie blues-rocker to his band – keyboard player Bob Patient (who has actually worked with Dom on various recordings over the years) and is a one time member of heavy prog. rockers Fatty Lumpkin.

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    Now THIS is the it, Dom...well done. Sheer perfection.

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