Why Real Men love The Meanies

link meanie1Never seen Lizard. Look like surfies. Hard rock. You might like it.

Never seen Numbskulls. Fast hard rock. Some pretty good playing and a few really good structures. You might like it.

A lot of the audience enjoyed the support bands. To me they seemed a bit too formulaic. That said, make your own minds up. The Numbskulls T-shirt is worth buying - the logo is terrific. They have CDs as well. Check them out.

Never seen The Meanies, neither. I didn’t even know they were in town until two days ago. I remarked on seeing Link’s band, Sun God Replica, in Melbourne recently. I loved Sun God Replica. Amazing band. Damn fine songs, great, tuff, fast’n’bulbous structures. See Sun God Replica. Demand T-shirts. Buy CDs. Christmas is coming. They’re on Spooky Records. Get out there.

The Meanies have a new album out. Buy the LP, CD and T-shirt. Before they sell out like all the others. I asked the chap in Basement Discs in Melbourne about Meanies records and CDs. They’re currently out of print, apparently. They’re hugely popular, so popular that they don’t turn up second-hand very much.

Tonight The Meanies were hugely thrilling, great fun, absorbing, ridiculous and endlessly admirable. Quickly on the band: they're tight, they know how to accommodate their frontman, but they're clever enough to give themselves enough variety within the songs so that the whole band shines. Link McLennan takes The Meanies up onto a different cloud, however.

The Dark Clouds storm into view

The Dark Clouds from Wollongong are one of the newer Aussie bands in the Detroit-rock-Dictators mould making an impact on the local underground scene. Here's their debut video for "Lilac Dress" from their debut album, reviewed here. Connect with them on Facebook here.

Fancy a Xmas shag in Sydney? Read on...

The Xmas edition of the Sydney Rock and Roll & Alternative Market will feature shopping opportunities and a diverse spread of bands including the much-loved Shaggin’ Wagon on Sunday, November 22.

The trio of Bill Gibson, John Encarnacao and Pete Kelly boast service in bands like The Eastern Dark, The Nature Strip, the New Christs and Smelly Tongues and trade under the slogan:  “If the band’s rockin’, don’t bother knockin’!” This walking jukebox of the kitsch, cool and crazy hits the stage at Sydney University’s Manning Bar at 4pm.

Sharing the bill are astro-rockabillies Men Into Space (2.35pm) from Brisbane; Adelaide neo-rockers The Saucermen (12 noon) and rockabilly delinquent Pat Capocci (1.20pm). The Market will feature 50,000 rare, collectible and bargain LPs, CDs and singles, as well as clothes and collectables. Bar and food also available.

Sunnyboys finally make it back to Geelong Rock City

sunnyboys newSunnyboys will make just their second-ever appearance in the southern surf-city of Geelong on March 11 next year, playing a host of classics from their three stand-out albums “Sunnyboys”, “Individuals” and “Get Some Fun”.

Local no-goodniks The Living Eyes will join the party at The Wool Exchange to will double the fun with their spirited take on ‘60s garage and ‘70s punk. Tickets go on-sale on Friday, November 5.

Battles announce sideshows

Already confirmed for the 2016 Laneway Festival, Feel are now pleased to announce headline shows for Brooklyn based trio Battles. 

The idiosyncratic three-piece, featuring drummer John Stanier (The Mark Of Cain/Tomahawk), bassist and sonic manipulator Dave Konopka, and multi-instrumentalist Ian Williams, will bring the noise via new album “La Di Da Di” for sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne.

Stiff Little Fingers make the trek Down Under

slfInfluential first wave punk Stiff Little Fingers have announced Australian tour dates.

Formed in 1977 in Belfast, Ireland, Stiff Little Fingers were at the forefront of the punk movement with the likes of TheClash, the Sex Pistols,The Jam, Buzzcocks, Undertones, Sham69 and the Stranglers.

They wrote initially about their own lives growing up at the height of The Troubles in Northern Ireland. In November of '77, they released"Suspect Device"and"Wasted Life"on their own Rigid Digits label, and sent a copy to BBC Radio One DJJohn Peel - who started playing it every night.

These were the first of what became SLF's signature style: lyrics that meld the personal and political, music that combines the energy of punk with infectious hooks, and delivery that rings of honesty and commitment.

Campaign launches to document rich West Australian underground scene

Way Out West Book Promo Advert from George Matzkov on Vimeo.

It’s high time somebody wrote a book about the heyday of Perth’s underground music scene. Powerpop label (Zero Hour) operator and publisher George Matzkou is doing something about it.

Matzkou has launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce a comprehensive history and limited edition companion CD. “Way Out West” will cover Perth bands from the 1976-89 era.

Brisbane's 4ZZZ winds back the clock to 1975

buffalo revisisted brisbane

The Year Was 1975... Platform shoes, hot pants, flares and long hair were the height of fashion, HJ Holdens were selling like hotcakes, and a little community radio station by the name of 4ZZZ was born in Brisbane....

Seminal Brisbane radio station 4ZZZ FM turns 40 this December and to celebrate they're hosting a month-long party! One such shindig will be held at iconic Brisbane live music venue The Zoo on Saturday December 19th and will feature a revised version of ground-breaking Australian rock band, Buffalo.

Frontman Dave Tice has frequently been dubbed The Godfather of Australian Stoner Rock for his work with ultra-heavy ‘70s band Buffalo and he’s now re-visiting his revered outfit’s legacy with a series of select shows.

Tice has assembled a new line-up under the banner 'Buffalo Revisited' to focus on the earliest of the original band’s five albums. Tice will be joined by Vince Cuscuna (guitar), Steve Lorkin (bass) and Murray Shepherd (drums). All of them are veterans of a host of underground Sydney bands.

Buffalo formed in Sydney in 1971. Largely unrecognized by commercial radio, Buffalo was one of the country’s first exponents of the style heavy metal, pre-dating other pioneering Australian hard rock and heavy metal acts, such as Coloured Balls, AC/DC, The Angels, Taste and Rose Tattoo.

The Fall live - not once or twice but thrice - in Melbourne

mark e smith barry douglasMark E. Smith - Barry Douglas photo 

Seeing a band three nights in a row rather reminded me of when I used to see interstate bands like the Laughing Clowns play the Tivoli in Adelaide; how I afforded it I cannot really recall, but I never had enough to buy any drinks…

The Thursday night would usually be fairly sparse, the Friday a bigger crowd, and the Saturday the joint would be full to bursting. The Thursday and Friday I could usually dance without biffing into people, the Saturday night it would be too crowded up the front, which I spose is is why I think that anyone dancing extravagantly at a packed front of the stage is just rude (as it forces other folk away). Call me Mr Polite, then, go on.

Never was an LP title more prophetic: “The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall” was the band’s seventh album, released in 1984. Thirty years ago, The Fall looked like being about to “cross over” but … nope, after numerous minor hits, Mark E. Smith and his band has never had one in the Top 10. Perhaps that’s partly Mark’s idiosyncratic approach to recording, singing in a manner which either causes confusion or a swift twiddle of the knob.

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