Man and Machine - Eric Gradman (Aztec Music)

gradman-coverAnother day, another re-release of some apparently fabled recordings from the late '70s and early '80s. Because, you know, everything from back then was like totally rad, man. All them cool guys. Not one of them was an ex art school hippy chancing his way on the next bandwagon.

Signed And Sealed In Blood – Dropkick Murphys (Born & Bred/Dew Process)

signed-and-sealed-in-bloodThis week's rhetorical question is about bands singing in faux Irish accents with traditional Celtic instruments, mixing it up with banjos, strings, pipes and punk rawk guitars. The query is: "Do we need 'em?" The quick answer is: "I'll get back to ya." From your perspective I know that's it's not really good enough so I'll spend the next 400 words so telling you how albums like this get to exist in the first place.

Party Girl - The Dustaphonics (Dirty Water Records)

partygirlEvery so often, a record lands that knocks you sideways and leaves you wondering if anybody took down the registration number of the truck that just hit. The busy London borough of Hackney isn't known as Rock and Roll Central but The Dustaphonics sound like they're doing their level best to change that.

I-94 Bar