Off Ya Cruet - Cosmic Psychos (Timberyard)

cruetPutting on a new Cosmic Psychos album is like finding a pair of your flatmate's skid-marked undies in your washing basket - it's disturbing, you worry that they might have soiled your good going-out shirt, but it's something that you have to deal with, even if it means fetching lead-lined gloves and a pair of industrial tongs to minimise your exposure.

Glorious Barsteds - Cosmic Psychos (Missing Link)

gloriusbarstedsWhat's the difference between Cosmic Psychos and your grandad's dick? They've both done lots of miles but Cosmic Psychos still have lead in their pencil. "Glorius Barsteds" (who said spelling was their strong point?) finds the Psychos in fairly lethal form. There's still nothing pretty or all that surprising about what they do, but something would be seriously awry if there was.

Dung Australia - Cosmic Psychos (Timberyard)

dungaustraliaAustralian trio the Cosmic Psychos is fast filling the yawning void of relentless punk rock consistency left vacant by the Ramones' departure. Which isn't to say they're a replacement for Da Bruddas, by any means, but If The Song Ramones the Same, then Psychos Never Sleep. Expect no quantum leaps with "Dung Australia", their first long player in a year, and you'll be happy as a pig in, er, dung.

Painkillers - Left Lane Cruiser & James Leg (Alive Naturalsound)

left-lane-legYou might call this a quickie. A furtive collaboration by a Southern Fried two-piece and a disaffected keyboard-playing boy who's well beyond salvation. In and out like a honeymooner's doodle. Cruder than oil. You could dismiss it as an off-beat project, dashed off without care. You'd also be wrong and missing the point.

Green Feedback On You - Little Green Fairy (Mars Attacks)

greenfeedbackThe nature of Rock is that it sometimes comes seeping out of the most unlikely places. Sonic Assassin member Rauky leads the three-piece from southern France with the funny name. Southern France is a great place to visit but hasn’t been renowned for Rock Action since Keef and Co copped the eviction notice back in the early ‘70s. This disc makes us wonder if we’re getting out enough (air fares to Europe will be gratefully accepted). 

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