Being With You - Brat Farrar (Hound Gawd! Records)

being with you that nightAustralia’s one-man punk rock machine Brat Farrar (aka Sam Agostino, of Digger and the Pussycats, Russian Roulettes! and Kamikaze Trio) emerges from the Melbourne lounge room with another cracker release. This one’s a three-track vinyl single limited to 100 copies so you’re advised to move fast.

The title track (full name: “Being With You That Night”) is a pounding electric beat that’s really a stage for duelling twin guitars. It’s over in a minute-and-a-half but leaves a large scorch mark. “Let It Go” is just as frantic but the guitar sheen sounds like it's been sonically buffed to take the edge off. Don't worry. It’s still terrific.

The killer app, however, is final cut, “Feel This Way”, an omnipotent piece of electro-punk that barrels along at a thousand kicks an hour like a German speed freak on the autobahn with the Kriminalpolizei on his tail. The chugging rhythm is topped by layers of dense keyboards and acrid guitar before the outro calls things to a halt.

It’s on a German label and also comes as a name-your-price download. What’s stopping you? That thing below is a link.


Brat Farrar on Bandcamp


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