I Can See My Love b/w Over Under Sideways Down - The In-Sect (Ugly Pop)

in sectPutting parochialism to one side, Australian ‘60s punk is vastly underrated with all but those who dig deep, so this gem from Canadian label merits more than your passing attention. Originally issued in 1966 with a different (tamer) B side, it’s one of those catchy freakbeat classics that stands tall in any company.

The In-Sect were a show band who did what any of their ilk with an ounce of self respect did and mutated into a garage-beat outfit with no pretensions. Contemporaries of the Masters Apprentices, they had a handful of singles before fading away with members going on to Jeff St John, The Twilights and Ram Jam Big Band.

“I Can See My Love” is a sizzling piece of pop-rock that skates along on Frank Sebastyan’s superior vocal and a vein of muscly guitar. Despite its doubtless primitive studio parenthood it sounds full and punchy. I’ve only heard the song on CD before but the vinyl version has mastered up a treat with surprisingly good bottom end.

The flip is the Yardbirds classic and stands apart from the original through the un-Relf-like vocal, carny-style organ and Phil Wooding’s slightly detuned guitar. Its not note-perfect and therein lies the charm.

Essential for completists and the obsessed, but also a no-risk buy for the curious.


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