In the band’s words, “Wife School” is “about me getting kicked in the goolies by the missus after daring to suggest that she attends an educational establishment”. Sounds like they might have copped what was coming. The Vee Bees come from Queanbeyan (that’s on the New South Wales side of the border of our national capital) so it all makes sense. The song is a blaring six-pack of hoary rock and roll with simple but effective keyboard tapping (reminiscent of John Cale on the “Stooges” album) and it’s all beautifully wrapped in a colour sleeve and picture disc package. The B side is a middle finger to anyone who deserves it with sly-dumb singalong from the band and friends The Dirty Slutz. Rocking in the dumbest fun way. Slap this on at your next barbie and raise a can in politically incorrect salute.





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