Not The Driver EP - Loose Pills (China Pig)

loose-pills-epWhat's not to like about this debut EP from Sydney's best new "old" band? Members of The Pyramidiacs, the New Christs, The Scruffs, The Lemonheads, The Eastern Dark, Barbarellas and Orange Humble Band assembled in 2012?

The Vee Bees/The Meatbeaters split single (Ocker/Pressed Ham)

veebees-meatbeaters-splitThis marriage of the Kings of Aussie Grog Rock fits like a proctologist’s finger in your bum. The Vee Bees serve up four high-speed hammerings of dubious lyrical content like “Never Miss The Bowl”, while The Meatbeaters come up with two slabs of particular intensity characterised by stinging guitar.

I-94 Bar