Poor Old Man - Captain Spud and the Nifty Keens (Spudland)

spud-art-nifty-keensThis Captain Spud chap, with his mildly alarming synthetic-bop is in the alternative charts down here in Adelaide with this CD single. This could mean anything. What it actually means is that Spud has done it again.

While I believe that men like this should be surging up the charts, exposing the dross and bogus aspects of the entertainment industry, the reality is that gorgeous little tunes like this, with its toyland-‘60s-musical aspect placed in a modern context … don’t.

The flipside is a herky-jerky cover of Fear and Loathing’s “Disco Inferno”, a classic in the grunting, testicles-dragged-over-tarmacadam guitar monster style. It’s quite something to actually hear the lyrics (I had no idea), Spud’s uniquely laid-back-dread playing adds innumerable layers of meaning.

Last time I posted on Captain Spud, one respondent wondered if Devo were an influence. I suspect they were, once upon a time, but less for the music than for the attitude and the philosophical stance. Nowadays, Captain Spud stands alone.


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