The title track is a blues-wailing romp with the guitar chasing the harmonica before both are tossed out of the bar on its arse. Threekshort’s space slide guitar adds to the gin-embalmed raunch. Theme music for anyone who’s ever been shown the door but you can sing along if you haven’t. Flip it and you get “Fist City”, another raunchy and clever keeper, dripping in inuendo, that puts the V into vindictiveness.

The hillbilly shuffle “Laid in NSW” is an ode to sexual frustration that’s playful. “I’m Fucking This Cat You’re Just Holding Its Tail” is ribald and righteous fun that’s quite clever when not taken literally, and of course it hands-down wins the best song title of a generally fucked up 2020. More blistering harmonica from Ms Celia and a guitar riff hard enough to crack walnuts on take us out. The Cramps would be pleased, although I hear the retired Ms Poison Ivy has given up debauchery for Budhism these days. 

The whole thing is on virginal white vinyl and comes with inserts and Threekshort's killer artwork. It’s officially launched at Sydney’s MoshPit on December 18 but if you can't make it, keep an eye on WKF’s Bandcamp to score a copy.