Germany’s Supersuckers have been kicking arses since 1993 and have always been unafraid to show their influences on their sleeves. The songs are rendered in a form that’s close to the originals but without slavish reverence.

“Saturated” might seem an odd choice, coming from the post-Salmon “Gone” album that seemed to be shunned by most of the Beasts’ by then substantial home crowd following, but it’s aged well and this is one of its best songs. Singer Markus attacks it with all the resigned helplessness of Tex Perkin's original vocal. 

“My Pal” has been re-issued on 7” vinyl so many times there’s a bunch of people rabidly collecting every slightly different permutation. Here’s another one to track down. Supersuckers do it justice with a ragged energy that’s as relentless as the original.

If you want this one you’ll have to hit up Spanish label Ghost Highway. Be quick.


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