It’s difficult to know what to describe first - there’s a simple, moody opening plucked out on guitar which drags you in … a pause, then the pace picks up as Suzie’s lovely vocal gets our attention, before crunching guitars grip ahold and you’re away on a pirate ship, glorious, keel scuffing over the waves, "the sky’s gonna open up" … and her voice expands.

The control Suzie has over her voice (alone) is quite magical. Any other solo performer would keep things far simpler, and just grunt it out. Suzie's going for the big achievement and so far her darts are on the red dot. 

A single isn’t just a single these days. It’s a calling card. After "Yesterday’s Town" you want to see what she’s about on a stage. At the very least. 

From the bio: “Suzie Stapleton is a hard act to follow, I felt like a folk singer going on after Soundgarden. She is compelling listening and Melbourne’s best kept rock chick secret.” Spencer P. Jones

The truth is that Suzie Stapleton is streets ahead of so many singer/songwriters that success seems inevitable - it won’t be for lack of trying.  Get your free download here: