You Will Not Be Spared b/w Late - Beast Bones (Iceage Productions)

beast bones singleDon't listen to Beast Bones if you have a hangover. Genuinely disturbing, eerie and quite quease-making, "You Will Not Be Spared" comes from Aussie label  Iceage Productions (who brought you the mighty Monolith ... what? you must have this CD. No? Get on it), and a slew of other underground musics which can be found here.

Over the years Iceage has released "music by Arthur Cantrill, Primitive Calculators, Robin Fox, Bonnie Mercer, Ollie Olsen, Ernie Althoff, Mad Nanna, Shane Fahey, Matthew Brown and Sean Baxter amongst others"; and describe their label as "specialising in electronic, experimental, noise, drone and industrial music from all over the globe" - which I suppose is true enough.

But such terms limit the appreciation of music - for example, if you hear a few shit tracks which are "folk" or "industrial" that might be enough to put you off that genre for good.  Your loss. Beast Bones is a fantastic CD singly thing.

Both pieces - I can't call them songs - are linked; each builds, develops, and gets its witherwings inside you. Also, I swear each piece is different every time you hear it. Both tracks shift and move in a long loop, each connecting again as the CD repeats, which caused me leave it repeating for an hour, which is an extraordinary experience, producing a physical reaction of lightheadedness and inertia. Hell, who needs illicit drugs when there's characters like Beast Bones?


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