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Someday we'll all get outta here


... ruminations of a horrified social distancer on his evaporating way of life in the shadows of the green death plague.

"I hate graveyards and old pawn shops
For they always bring me tears
I can't forgive the way they robbed me
Of my childhood souvenirs.." - John Prine
"They tried to get me lots of times and now they're coming after you/ I got out and I'm here to say, 
Baby, you can get out, too"  - Johnny Winter 
"Love is land..."  -Duran Duran 
"Hidin' out and layin' low ain't nothin' new to me..."  - Guns N Roses 
Every morning brings bad news. I'm worried for Marrianne Faithful, John Prine has passed and a couple no-name rocknroll underground legends and personal friends you ain't never heard of. Alan Merrill of Vodka Collins and the Arrows' passing was a sad day, indeed. For years now, I've noticed how it's an annual tradition, almost a law, that some university bona fide but tragically lazy professional journalist writes an obligatory cover story at every entertainment weekly, each year, about the next big girl group, that suggests Joan Jett wrote the 70's glitter anthem, "I Love Rocknroll" by Alan Merrill and the Arrows, a really fabulous, bubblegum glitter stompin', unsung glam gang, and it kinda always makes me feel a bit conflicted about the perennial Jett-Lagg myth-protecting and gives even more credibility to those other Runaways gals who testify about Joan's management always deemphasizing their contributions to her worldwide brand.

I-94 Bar