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  • square tugs cvrMonster Hits – Square Tugs (self released)

    If variety is the spice of life, Brisbane’s Square Tugs are the celebrity chefs of Australian punk rock. The trio’s debut album “Monster Hits” is a curry with enough popping flavours in it to set off your tongue, and lyrics to get your brain into gear at the same time.

    They’re not of pensionable age but they’re not spring chickens either, so the odds are short that a glimpse into the Square Tugs’ record collections would throw up some interesting and familiar selections. 

    Did you know Square Tugs originally formed as a Circle Jerks tribute band?

  • squatter 2022Hi I'm Squatter the Cockatiel. I share a house with Chris Converse (4ZZZ and Punkfest) and Cathy Kerlin (Punkfest and Platform 5 Cafe and Bar) so I get to meet the really cool GC's* and hear some great music.

    I am also a 4ZZZ subscriber.

    Here is my top ten releases of 2022, in no particular order:

    The Owen Guns- Dawn of the Braindead

    Mitch, Please - Yes Thanks

    The Square Tugs - "Monster Hits"

    Eviction - "Demo"

    The Interrupters - "In the Wild"

    The Disables - "No more Rules, No more Ruled"

    Mucho Sonar - "Under the Influence"

    The Cutaways - "Cheap Curtains"

    Topnovil - "Stand Tall"

    Masochist - "Bloom"

    Hope you enjoy my selection and like the picture. I am way more popular than Cathy or Converse.

    Love and chirps,


    *Cockatiel for Good C_nts