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Shine - E.T. Explore Me (Voodoo Rhythm Records)

shine et explore mePLAY REALLY FUCKING LOUD! 

It's rated 15 beer bottles. Out of five. Classic, fucking brilliant disc. Starts with a genre, fucks it over and you end up, amazed and wild-eyed, at the end of the night, guzzling from a bottle of polish spirit and yowling at the moon with irate citizens throwing the contents of their chamber pots... OK.

First, E.T. Explore Me is possibly the perviest name for a rock band ever. Never mind 10CC or the Lovin' Spoonful, that's just wilful boys will be boys stuff. E.T. Explore Me, I mean, ew. 

In fact, E.T. Explore Me, EEEEWWWW! 

Where The Faces Shine Volume 2 - Iggy Pop (Easy Action)

facesshine2Let's not understate the awesomeness of this package, which is a leap forward from its predecessor in both desirability and sonic quality of the shows therein. While the first volume gathered some higher quality versions of existing bootlegs as well as material from an offbeat period (the time of the "Party" album), this one goes for the throat.

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