Mod Vigil “self titled" album:
Great punk record in a Wire vein, recorded on a trusty old four-track machine.

Powerline Sneakers - “disasterpiece" album:
Lo-fi future classic from Melbourne stalwarts Sly and John.

RSD2017 in-store @ Off The Hip:
One helluva crazy party, including drag set from Kill Dirty Youth = EPIC.

Stiff Richards “Debut" album:
Honest rock’n’roll, no frills, no artwork, just great fun on wax.

Undertones @ The Corner Hotel, Richmond:
Way, way better than I was hoping for!! Bonus killer support from Tyrannamen.

Wesley Fuller - “Inner City Dream" album:
If T-Rex and Sloan made an album together.

This year I didn't get out to as many gigs as I would have liked. Hoping to correct that in 2018.  The albums listed are the ones I played the most through the year.


Off The Hip Records, drummer for The Beat Taboo, The Fiction, The Stoneage Hearts, The Crusaders and The Finkers