A Big Bad Beautiful EP - The Godfathers (Godfather Recordings2)

godfathers epThe doubters can get back in their box. The Godfathers do what too many re-born bands of their vintage can’t and sound as convincing as they did in the ‘80s. This EP features two album cuts (one re-mixed) and a couple not on the record. .

“A Big Bad Beautiful Noise” is the album title track (and EP lead-off) and it’s a relentless, surging wall of guitars - just as it should be with an act that was among a bunch of unfashionables that were kicked to the kerb and labelled “rockist” by the fickle UK music press, way back in the day.

If guitar rock was struggling for critical acceptance back then, it’s positively underground and living in a leper colony these days - so turn it up a notch. You also need volume to appreciate the song that follows, “You’re So Slow”, which is all chugging, bristling guitars and a commanding Peter Coyne vocal.

“Defribillator (High Voltage Mix)” scorches as much as the LP track. The re-mix pushes one abrasive guitar to the fore. “Human Zoo” is a wordy diatribe on a drugged-up world, powered by Darren Birch’s funky bassline and the stabbing guitars of Steve Critall and Mauro Venegas.

Yes, it's a vinyl EP (of the 10-inch variety) and it's also a download. 


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  • Guest - Robin

    Great sound a a great bunch of guys too. Sounding very up to date and relevant.

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