You want this for your car, and you want this for your back porch boozing reception when you reunite with all the long lost lads and lasses for a summery night dance party. It's SO good. Stuff o' greatness. Amazing how they still got it. Ya know?

Think of all the bands who had a glimmer of it - like Oasis or some of the Brit Pop nineties Cool Britannia bands, right? After the second, or third album, tops, and all the cocaine and supermodels and bragging and mansions, where did it go, ya know?

The Godfathers have held fast to their magic for years and years on end. I mean come on, they never let you down. I am an old man now, and they have been steadily generating even more mythical, inspirational, top tier, holy smokes and Hallelujah rock ‘n’ roll since I was what, 16 pr 17? But probably for them, even much sooner. I've said it before, if I knew how to assemble a crack team of street fightin' rock ‘n’ roll formidable motherfuckers such as these, I would have done it a long time ago and been the opening act for the Godfathers cause man oh man, how I love 'em. I know you probably do, too.

In the main man's own words, he told me: "I am so proud of it, it literally means the whole world to me! It’s definitely one of the very best albums The Godfathers have ever made…" Think about that, for just even a brief moment. From a man who never came close to making a bad album, ya know? Right now, people like Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney are kickin' objects around the room trying to remember how to write a song as splendid as "Bring On the Sunshine", a healing potion to cure us of all those low down lonesome, Covid lockdown, black n blues we all been in. Peter and Company are just calling the groovytimes back down from the wild blue heavens.

I dunno about you, but in these darkening damned times of senseless wars and competing tyrants mass murdering innocents in sacrifice zones, when unremorsefully price gouging, godless greedhead corporations and unscrupulous, no soul landlord classers are robbing all us everyday people blind, with aspirant gawd narcissistic egomaniacal billionaires meeting in secret to plan some diabolical tech-slavery dystopian no future for youse, ya know with the death plague clampdowns and bummer buzzkill bullshit manufactured fake garbage MK-Ultra pop they keep thrusting on you against your will, all day from every Big 5 mainstream media platform, it is like real medicine, with no bad side effects, that's been through the trials, proper time tested and peer reviewed to have this Godfathers song blaring in my headphones. It's gonna make you feel better, almost instantly.

I'm not fucking kidding around. I needed this and probably fucking deserve it, after enduring so much bleak bullshit and despair. That's my favorite thing about the Godfathers - there is no backing down or giving up with those guys. Trends come and go, lesser bands become sell-out brands and rip off their fans because they can't write anything new to save their lives. That is not a problem for the Godfathers, they cheerfully present you with 13 brand new hits with all the energy and vigor and soulful conviction of most band's debut LPs.

"Straight Down The Line" is a singalong anthem, I'll probably never stop singing along to. When I get done typing this review, I'm gonna be playing this record again. I'm still with 'em, 100 percent! "We've got the power...'cause I still love you...!" Ya know, we, the fans still love you, too, Peter. "Straight down the line! ALL THE TIME!" YEAH!

The whole band is fantastic. Drums, bass, guitars, Peter crooning like fucking Jim Morrison, or Iggy Pop: "I won't let them hurt you..." Every song's a winner on this record, not one so-so or duff track. Man. And I read that they got some bonus extras they're puttin' out on an E.P., so ya know, here's some guys that made the most outta the clampdowns, they emerged with one of the best records since I cannot remember. It's like some record you never heard from the ’60, ‘70s or ‘80s. Not techno bullshit, no trace of grunge. This is impeccable revolution rock with outstanding songwriting chops and lyrics that make you think, feel, wanna try some more. Would you believe he's even got a song called, "I Hate the Twentyfirst Century"?!!! Me, too!!! Best thing that's come along in YEARS! I love his lyrics, always did. You know the way your Dad loves the Clash and the Damned? The way your Gran loves the Beatles and the Stones? That's how I feel about the Godfathers.

"Midnight Rider" is hypnotic, confessional, seductive and encouraging to me. I stand alone, too. He's definitely still one with The People. The background vocals are really brilliant on this one. I love the drums, they sound so real and alive and make you wanna move.

It's my old lady's birthday this week and this remarkably magnificent masterpiece record will definitely be integrated into the celebrations. All my friends and closest allies and loved ones are gonna share my love and enthusiasm for this dynamic collection of standout exceptional songs.

"I'm Not Your Slave" has a cool pop feel I have not heard much like since the heyday of the underrated 60 Ft. Dolls. "Tonight" might be my favorite tune right now, it's almost got a new wave, or power pop feel to it, that's just gorgeous, romantic. A thing of rare and lasting beauty. Why can't I find a guitar player like that? Oh man, it's just thoroughly awesome! I can easily imagine Billy Idol and Steve Stevens actually playing this CD loud on their big rockstar sound system and dancing around to it. The Stones would like this, any real rock ‘n’ rollers. The Furs, whoever.

"I Despair" is such a great protest song, my activist friends from Occupy Wall Street, and Standing Rock and the George Floyd uprisings would love the message of this song. "There's No Time" kinda reminds me of vintage INXS or something. It's like a real heartbreaker, a future classic now. It'll pull your heartstrings if you're anything like me. Takes me back to like, my idyllic bubblegum, innocent first love back in 1983. Perfect, soulful, heartfelt rock ‘n’ roll.

Did I mention "Dead in Los Angeles"? I stay outta that city for a reason! As Iggy said, "it's a playground for the rich, but it's a loaded gun for me."

Needless to say this is like a maximum bottle review for me, just line 'em bartender, I'm gonna drink away my sorrows with the Godfathers on all night long! VIVE LE GODFATHERS! You cannot beat 'em. The best of the best. 


"Alpha Beta Gamma Delta" will be released Friday, September 16 and is available to pre-order here