“Let Fly” launches “Don’t Fall In Love…” in emphatic style, with Screamin’s atonal vocal locked into a eat duet. Not sure if it’s Brodie Ann Wright, bassist Lois Andrews or Ann Cleary on the other mic (both are credited as band members) but it sure works well. ”I Can’t Say No” is a companion piece, with drummer Craig Collins’ strident feel again the backbone.

“All Because” highlights Stevie’s swirling organ wash with co-vocalist Brodie Ann Wright carrying the vocal line. The title track (a downbeat break-up song) and “Take A Look Around” are a touch more ragged with guitarist Brian Mann’s nimble twang a stand-out. Mann’s production is exemplary with lots of room to hear what’s going on.

Bob Short will hate it but you can check it out here. It really is a charmer. Hit the contact button and ask them to put a price on the physical CD if they haven’t done so by now.


Screamin Stevie on Bandcamp