The incongruity of a hairy adolescent male singing “Cherry Bomb” leaves it a little flat to these ears but there’s no mistaking the ragged desperation in “Thirsty and Miserable” or the distorted pleasure the band has in ripping through Dead Boys' “Flamethrower Love”.

You don’t need to know “The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill” is a Husker Du cover to notice the similarity in both bands’ sounds in their formative years. It bursts out of the speakers in all its scuzzbag glory off the back of a brief lo-fi instrumental “Dynomete”, which was probably a throwaway top-of-the-set icebreaker so their front-of-house operator could set levels. 

“You Better Run” sounds like a work in progress but you really can’t complain much. This is like being a fly on the wall at an early Black Flag gig in a Huntington Beach garage.

It’s just 10 songs long and there’s more than enough of a hint of the greatness to come to make this a worthwhile investment for fans. Newcomers might want to explore the studio stuff first. Get it while it lasts. Which probably won’t be long.


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