The debut season of "Monday Evening Gunk", the streaming Internet TV offshoot of the I-94 Bar and MoshPit Bar in Sydney, was aired every Monday at 7.30pm Sydney time from the MoshPit Facebook page.

2022 brings our second season with a new timeslot of 8.00pm Thursday nights, Sydney time, "Thursday Evening Gunk".

Returning are you favourite features like Pit QUiz, interviewa, live performance, News & Brews with Rossy & THe Barman and a few new surprises.

Again, the show is courtesy of Zenn streaming, City of Sydney Council and Coopers.

Chicks Who Rock and a Died Pretty special to close out Thursday Evening Gunk

The latest episode of Thursday Evening Gunk is here and the theme is "Chicks Who Rock". Guest host Heather Goodman talks to Jessamine Finlayson of Raising Ravens, The Missmade  and Nitrocris and Bianca Kotoulas of rising young Sydney band Euterpe.  

The episode in the season steams this Thursday at 8pm Sydney time and is a Died Pretty special. Guest host Danny Lau speaks to Brett Myers and Steve Clark from Died Pretty and Brett's bandmate Mark Roxburgh from his other band, Joeys Coop. Steve Clark's duo Nothing But Dust will play a live set. Follow this link to watch the stream live from the MoshPit Facebook page,  or pop into MoshPit Bar in St Peters, Sydney, at 8pm AEDST.


An episode of Thursday Evening Gunk to Treasure

The replay of last week's Thursday Evening Gunk, the I-94 Bar Internet show, is here so kick back and watch. Host Chris Virtue of 2RRR speaks to Sydney's King of Urban and Western, John Kennedy, and bassist Phil Hall (Dropbears, Sardine v, Lime Spiders) about the John Kennedy's 68 Comeback Special album "Raining Treasure Vol 2" before a set by the band.

This Thursday at 8pm Sydney time go to the Moshpit Bar Facebook for the "Chicks Who Rock" episode, in which guest host Heather Goodman of Orbital Radio will talk to Jess Finlayson (Rasing Ravens, Nitrocris) and Bianca Kotoulas of young Sydney band Euterpe about the Sydney scene and women bands.  Join the Facebook event here.

Are two Hard-Ons better than Nun?

The latest episode of the I-94 Bar streaming show "Thursday Evening Gunk" is here for your viewing pleasure. 2RRR radio host Chris Virtue speaks to Peter "Blackie" Black and Ray Ahn of the Hard-Ons and Nunchukka Superfly about both bands and their parallel development. The episode closes with a scorching Nunchukka Superfly set. 

Thursday Evening Gunk is streamed from the MoshPit Facebook page on Thursday nights from 8pm Sydney time or you can take part for free at the bar on King Street in St Peters, Sydney. This week, Celia Curtis of White Knuckle Fever chats with Fred Negro of I Spit On Your Gravy about the racucous documentary "Pub: The Movie" that explores his musical anmd artisticv career and the St Kilda secene in Melbourne. Also joining are director Andrew Leavold and producers Jonathan Sequeira and Brett Garten. Our feature act is White Knuckle Fever.


Get yourself some Northern Beaches Gunk with Episode 2

The second episode of Thursday Evening Gunk is here for your replay streaming pleasure. Guest host Edwin Garland talks to “Big” Al Creed (Aberration, ex-Panadolls, New Christs) and Peter Bourke (Sonic Garage, ex-Circus Chaplins) about the rich rock and roll nursery that is Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  Plus, there’s a blistering set from Sonic Garage. 
Thursday Evening Gunk is streamed from the MoshPit Facebook page on Thursday nights from 8pm Sydney time or you can take part for free at the bar on King Street in St Peters. This week, 2RRR’s Chris Virtue will speak to Peter Black and Ray Ann of the Hard-Ons and we’ll be treated to a set from their other band, Nunchukka Superfly. 

Episode One of Thursday Evening Gunk is here

The first episode of series two of "Thursday Evening Gunk", the I-94 Bar Internet TV show, is here for replay in case you missed it on Thursday night. It's themed on the early, post Oxford Funhouse days of Sydney punk. You can stream future episodes live via the MoshPit Bar Facebook at 8pm AEDST on Thursdays or search for the Facebook event. You can catch the archived version here on the I-94 Bar a day or two later.

Monday Evening Gunk Episode 6: Julie Mostyn Gilbert & Warwick Gilbert

MONDAY EVENING GUNK - Episode 6 - IT'S JUST THAT I MISS YOU featuring Julie Mostyn Gilbert & Warwick Gilbert from ZENN on Vimeo.

Catch Monday Evening Gunk on the MoshPit Faccebook at 7.30pm every Monday or catch up here every Tuesday. Next up on Gunk: Chris Masuak of Radio Birdman, the Scraming Tribesmen, the Hitmen and the New Christs who will be interviewed by Bob Short (Filth) and Tiffany Palmer (Sydney Rock and Roll Markets) and play a set with his band, The Viveiro Wave Riders. 

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